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Miss. Communication is a Communications Consulting Company that was founded by Sangeeta. She majored in Writing, Producing and Directing and has a Communications Degree. Sangeeta is highly passionate about writing, multi-media and helping others tell their story and this is how

Miss. Communication all started. 

We are passionate story tellers and believe everything around us is Communication. The trick is developing the art to see it.

Whether you need writing, editing and content creation services for your latest blog, website, document, advertisements, press releases, articles or social media pages or more, we have you covered. We will find the right words, proof read and create high quality content that you will be proud of to share with the world. We also provide graphic design (logos/artwork) to supplement your social media and/or website content work in case you require it also.


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How WE Can

Help You

Are you a busy individual with great ideas, but need help with multi media written materials? (Blogs, Website Copy, Documents, Articles, Biographies, or more) OR with Social Media Content Creation (text/imagery) and Graphic Design? (Logos/Eye Catching Social Media Content) 


If so, Miss. Communication could be your answer. We are a Communications and Multi Media Company who provide writing services, proof reading, editing, website/social media content creation and graphic design services.


We are highly passionate story tellers and would love to offer our expertise to make sure you are communicating your thoughts and ideas effectively, so your individual profiles and businesses can grow positively. 


After all, words have power and how you say something can make or break an ambition or goal that you have. 


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